Sports Betting Guide


Football betting is one of the most popular choices. The main professional league is the National Football League, who´s seventeen-week regular season runs from September to December each year. There follows one month of playoffs until the eventual Champion is decided at the Super Bowl, the single biggest day in American Sports.

Here at football betting is different, you can choose which games to wager on and which games to pass on. By only betting on games that have a positive expected return and passing on games that have negative expected return, the football betting enthusiast can turn the tables on the sportsbook and put himself in the position to always have the edge!

So, when football betting you should always be looking for a correlating cause and effect that is not considered by the bookmakers and the football betting public. When you find this you have a tremendous edge in beating the line!

The main action on American football games is in pointspread, or line, betting, where the sportsbook decides on a margin of victory for the favorite that will make either team an attractive betting proposition.


Basketball is the third biggest sport in the US, and the College Basketball Championship Tournament played every March is one of the biggest events in the sports betting year. Basketball betting is offered as pointspread, moneyline and totals markets. In our opinion, basketball betting is the most difficult because so many games are decided in the final two minutes.

In the NBA, the game must last for 43 or more minutes to be considered "action". College basketball games must last for 35 or more minutes to be considered "action". A team could be comfortably in the lead and covering the spread but then end up failing to cover because the opponent makes a few prayer 3-pointers in the waning seconds.

Yep, basketball betting can definitely get your blood pressure soaring. But before you swear off basketball betting, there is hope. There are a few things I've learned over the years about basketball betting and I've become pretty successful following these rules.


Baseball is the great summer sport of the United States, and the 162 game regular season of Major League Baseball, running from April to September. The most important person in a baseball game is the pitcher, which is why no baseball betting line is posted without naming the starting pitcher. If there is a change of one or other of the starting pitchers, all runline and total bets are voided and the stakes returned, while an odds adjustment takes place on the moneyline prices.

Baseball betting is becoming more popular each year. This is known as one of the sports where a smart bettor who practiced proper money management can make some really huge profits. Once a bettor begins to study and understand MLB baseball lines, he or she can gain a better understanding of how the bookies set their numbers.

It is always best to shop around when looking for the best MLB baseball lines. Many different books release different numbers and baseball lines always tend to differ at each sportsbook.


The National Hockey League´s season runs from October until early June, when the eventual Champions of the NHL are awarded the Stanley Cup. The puckline is the most popular form of hockey bet, which is itself hockey´s version of pointspread betting. A puck and a money line are the two options used by casinos when they accept betting on hockey. The books generally use the money line.

Hockey betting also offers the "Grand Salami" Bet, a totals bet where players bet on the total number of goals scored on that particular day. NHL games must go to the second period to be considered "action".

Hockey betting is the most complicated of the major sports to wager on. Hockey Betting also has a lot variables to consider. You must also consider the additional complication of frequent ties when betting on hockey.

Others Sports


It's the most popular field sport in the world, drawing players and fans from all parts of the planet. When you're going to be soccer betting, it's important to know as much about the game of soccer as possible including soccer betting rules and more.

You should be familiar with soccer betting rules before considering sports wagering for soccer. A Few Soccer rules: The game of soccer is played by 2 teams, each with 11 players. The soccer betting game is played in two 45-minute halves, with extra or "stoppage" time added due to any delays or stoppages.


Motor Racing betting, especially NASCAR betting, has never been more popular, with NASCAR quickly becoming one of the most watched sports in the United States, especially for showpiece races like the Daytona 500.

When betting on NASCAR, you can't just consider the driver. There are a lot of elements involved in winning a race. So if you are betting on auto racing, you have to consider these elements as well.


Golf is a favorite sport for bettors all over the world and a game with truly international appeal. Different tournaments are played every week over a season lasting from February until September. The most important tournaments to win are the four "Majors": the US Masters, the US Open, the British Open, and the US PGA.

The winner will be the player with the lowest score over the full length of the tournament. If one player misses the cut (36 holes), the other is deemed the winner. Where both players miss the cut the lowest score after two rounds will determine settlement. A price will be offered for the tie and in the event of a tie, bets on either player to win will be lost.